• antigua barra Beti Jai. 1941
  • desde la plaza de Aoiz
  • carrera de patines en Aoiz
  • en los años 70
  • en los años 90
  • el restaurante en la actualidad

Beti-Jai is a rural hotel with a gourmet restaurant established in 1941 by the Iturri-Huerta family. Since the beginning, Beti-Jai, always a family run business, through hard work and constant care, has successfully become one of the most prominent hotels in navarra.

Since birth, Beti-Jai has worked hard to offer an excellent gastronomic menu. Traditional cuisine, that has been able to adapt to new trends and new flavors.

It has converted its cuisine, a delight for the palate, through a mix of tradition and innovation. Beti-Jai is a member of the association "Restaurantes del Reyno" created by the gastronomic elite of the Foral Community with the sole purpose of promoting the haute-cuisine of Navarra.

70 years of history


Crescencio Iturri and María Urtasun, born in Espinal, moved to Aoiz in february 1941 and bought the antique bar of the main town square, establishing in that same year Beti-Jai.

Their older son, Martín Iturri, would stay on to work in the family business and when he married in 1971 with María Dolores Huerta, she would also start to collaborate, creating snacks and lunches for the bar.

From 1970’s to 1980’s

In the middle of the 1970’s, they purchased the first and second floor of the property, until then a private apartment building, constructing the first restaurant which could hold up to 80 people with 7 guestrooms, thus creating the inn.

In 1985, a second expansion was made by purchasing the adjacent building and constructing another 7 guestrooms and a dining room for 120 people.

The 1990’s

At the end of the 1990’s, the last expansion was made by purchasing the old tavern of the village, creating a new dining area with the capacity to hold 180 people. The inn is was then expanded with another 6 guestrooms.

The last renovation

In 2005, a complete renovation is made to the buildings, including the café-bar and the nearby guestrooms, as well as the creation of a playground area for children, a banquet room/ballroom (disco) for dancing and parties.