• restaurante Beti-Jai
  • salón Beti-Jai
  • comedor Beti-Jai
  • banquete Beti-Jai
  • gastronomía Beti-Jai

Beti-Jai is a rural hotel with a gourmet restaurant established in 1941 by the Iturri-Huerta family. Since the beginning, Beti-Jai, always a family run business, through hard work and constant care, has successfully become one of the most prominent hotels in navarra.

Since birth, Beti-Jai has worked hard to offer an excellent gastronomic menu. Traditional cuisine, that has been able to adapt to new trends and new flavors.

It has converted its cuisine, a delight for the palate, through a mix of tradition and innovation. Beti-Jai is a member of the association "Restaurantes del Reyno" created by the gastronomic elite of the Foral Community with the sole purpose of promoting the haute-cuisine of Navarra.